She comes into your room as you’re getting ready in the morning and walks promptly to your closet and pulls out your fanciest dress, “Mama, you should wear this today.” She plays in your jewelry and tries on your shoes and you realize time is moving way too quickly. When she grows up, she wants to be just like you. She has your nose and your contagious laughter and while she fluctuates between astronaut and ballerina, she imagines that when she is older she will be just like her mama and you, like we all do, try to make her proud.

Occasionally, when you’re putting away her tiny clothes or picking up little shoes strewn throughout the house, you wish that dress (especially the ones from Belle & Kai) or those shoes were made in your size because times have changed since you were a little girl and it all seems so much more stylish than you were back in your flower-picking days.

We can sympathize. It’s happened to every mama everywhere and that’s why we are so incredibly excited to introduce the Belle & Kai Mommy and Me Collection. This collection is full of the beautiful Belle & Kai dresses you love, but in sizes perfect for mother and daughter, so your little girl can be just like you, and you can enjoy your favorite Belle & Kai looks alongside her. We’re bringing all of the flowy lace and bohemian style in dresses just begging for a photo shoot.

We’ll have more information soon, but for now, tell us which of our dresses you wish were available in your size. We can’t wait to share our new collections with you.


boho mommy and me off shoulder lace maxi dresses

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  • Megan: August 16, 2018

    These mommy and me dresses are gorgeous! Do you do custom orders?? :D

  • Lauren Sandor: August 14, 2018

    Mommy and me dresses are so in style right now! I am going to refer you to my photo clients for future sessions!

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