How It Began

Like the beginning of any legendary family journey, our story beings with capturing a beautiful moment through a lens with the wish to make it eternal. It begins with the passion to make a visionary idea come to life, strong enough to persevere for future generations.

It begins with my children and the realization of how quickly they grow and how incredible they truly are. It begins with my first professional camera and falling in love with the nuances of color and space. It begins with the ability to harvest and preserve my children’s most priceless moments.

Yet, during this fertile process, I discovered that unique and comfortable dresses for my daughter did not exist. As a creative mother on a mission to craft and cherish memories, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Belle & Kai, named exactly after the inspiration itself, my two children.

Belle and Kai is my vision of a perfect memory that I want to share with you and your greatest muse, your children.

So then, it all really begins with the dress.

At Belle and Kai, we create one-of-a-kind dresses for one-of-a-kind moments for the one-of-a-kind little lady in your life.

Above all, we construct one-of-a-kind apparel that is extremely comfortable. We want all the smiles in your pictures to be genuine. My children are my harshest critics and I take their feedback very seriously.

What Does Comfort Mean to Us?

It means that your child is happy. It means that she can feel beautiful without having to feel pain. It means she won’t itch, she won’t feel trapped or too hot or like she can’t breathe. It means that she deserves to feel like a princess but is guaranteed the space and freedom to move around in her favorite princess attire. It means that she still gets to be a kid.

Each dress I design is lined in soft cotton and is elastic. I consider each aspect of practicality in a dress so that it’s stretchy in all the right places, gives her the coverage she needs and still looks and makes her feel stunning.


I design each dress myself and work intimately with a pattern maker and seamstress. There is only a limited amount of each dress we make because each one is as original and as special as the little lady who wears it. Creating a limited amount keeps our inventory ever evolving and fresh, ensures the highest quality and gives your child the opportunity to own a unique piece of clothing.

I take pride in the fact that our dresses cannot be found anywhere else. I have the freedom to choose from a wide array of high quality fabrics and the power to alter each dress until it lives up to my ideal vision. Everything I create for Belle and Kai is solely a piece of functional art that I put a lot of time, dedication and detail into.


My aesthetic derives from my fascination with the vintage silhouettes and trends popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s. There is a free-spirited and adventurous attitude predominant in the bohemian chic culture that translates extremely well into the lifestyles of young women.

My dresses are whimsical, nostalgic and versatile enough to be worn to very special events or enjoyed any moment your daughter wants to dress up. It makes me feel empowered to give my girls the opportunity to feel like a princess and I make beautiful dresses so you and your child can share that same magical experience.

Thank You

My name is Minnie and I am so honored to have you here at Belle and Kai. I promise to help you dress your little one for all the special events in her life, to inspire pictures that last for generations, to give her the dress that 110% lets her feel like the extraordinary princess she is and to make sure she is comfortable the entire time.

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