At Belle & Kai we believe in the power of pretty dresses. We aspire to inspire your next photo shoot or event with a carefully designed dress that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. We offer a variety of styles to ensure that there is something for everyone—including your “tween”.  

You know by now that we are absolutely obsessed with all of the whimsy and wonder that comes with little girlhood, but you may not know how much we treasure the magic of the “tween” years. In fact, many of our Belle & Kai dresses are designed to be worn by girls ages 2-14, providing age appropriate style and the feeling you get from “dressing like a princess” far beyond the years of little girlhood.

There are so many changes and challenges that come with those years between girlhood and adolescence and finding a dress you love shouldn’t be on the list. Many of our designs are so versatile that they could even be worn by petite adults. Our fabrics are stretchy and comfortable in the case of an unexpected growth spurt and our dresses are on-trend; loved by girls of all ages.

The painterly floral of the Margeaux dress in burgundy is a favorite among tweens with a sophisticated color palette and easy to wear style. Calista boasts an incredibly versatile boho look with a white colorway and high-low style, perfect for accommodating a variety of heights. Delphine is one of our favorite designs with an all over butterfly print suitable for many ages and tastes. Mara provides a trendy, vintage-inspired look, sure to make your daughter the envy of her peers, while the Avalon dress creates an ethereal, classic look suitable for anyone.

As you shop our boutique for your little girl, don’t forget about your older girls too. Many boutiques stop at sizes 8-10, but our sizes span up to 14, perfect for coordinating outfits for your next photo shoot or event.

Show us how much your tween loves our dresses by tagging us on social media. We can’t wait to see your photos.

tween burgundy boho floral rose maxi dress

tween girl boho burgundy floral rose maxi dress

 tween bohemian burgundy lace high low off shoulder dress

tween girl boho burgundy off shoulder lace high low dress

tween girl bohemian burgundy lace off shoulder high low dress

tween bohemian butterfly lace off shoulder maxi dress

tween bohemian lace butterfly off shoulder maxi dress

bohemian tween lace off shoulder butterfly maxi dress

 tween bohemian ivory high low dress

tween boho ivory high low maxi dress

boho tween ivory high low maxi dress

tween bohemian lace flower girl maxi dress

tween bohemian lace flower girl maxi dress

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  • Christie: June 27, 2018

    I love the style of your boho dresses and would love one for my tween daughter!

  • amanda: June 27, 2018

    I adore all of these boho tween dresses! They are absolutely stunning.

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