While parenting in itself is a gift, there is something truly special about having a daughter. Nothing on this side of life could ever surpass the sweet sound of giggles, or that moment when you look at her and see yourself in her sparkling eyes, as she looks at you as if you are her entire world. Of course, you could never neglect to mention the dresses. Oh! The dresses! Delicate lace, and colorful flowers, and sparkles, and twirling...so much twirling! Don’t forget the accessories...a mama could get swept away at just the thought.

We know that this phase of life is fleeting. As much as we wish we could bottle up the stars in her eyes and keep her little forever, time has plans on the contrary. However, we believe in savoring each moment (and every twirl) while it lasts, which is why we have created a truly unique clothing line, just for that special little girl, the one that shares your genes yet has her own distinct personality.

Vintage-inspired, with a modern flair, each Belle and Kai collection is created to make every little girl feel beautiful. From the classic styles of the 1950’s, 1960’s bohemian, and the Victorian and Edwardian revival of the 1970’s, designer and vintage-clothing enthusiast, Minnie Lin, seeks to create age appropriate little girl’s clothing with big style.

Welcome to the blog. We’re glad you’re here. Visit us regularly for styling tips, new collections, and a look into the world of children’s fashion.


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  • Jayna: October 11, 2017

    What beautiful dresses! These would be perfect little flower girl dresses for wedding season. <3

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