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Posted on November 28 2017

From its carefully embellished halter top to the soft layers of chiffon and lace, Willow steals the show on any occasion. Soft, feminine, and divinely decadent, the Willow dress is otherworldly in four exquisite color stories: Plum, White, Goldenrod, and Rose Pink. With a style that can go from glam to shabby chic, the Willow dress is no exception to the Belle & Kai versatility rule and with four fun colors to play with, it will be hard to choose a favorite.

White is ideal for a first communion or a picturesque flower girl or Easter dress. Add pearls for glam, faux furs for winter, or a flower crown for...well, do you even need a reason? There’s something about white lace that whispers whimsy, and this dress certainly delivers.

Willow Boho Lace Dress in White

Willow Boho Dress in White Twirling

Willow Bohemian Lace Dress

Willow Boho Lace Maxi Dress Back



A color fit for a princess, the Rose Pink colorway is bursting with girly goodness. Perfect for hosting a tea party in a field of wildflowers or dressing up for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion, the muted mauve pink of this dress appeals to little girls, and mamas, alike.

Willow Boho Lace Dress Pink

Willow Bohemian Maxi Dress Pink

Willow Pink Boho Dress Twirling

Willow Boho Flower Girl Dress Pink



Rich and royal, Plum makes a statement as the boldest of the four color options. The thing we love best about Willow is that the floral lace looks good in every color, and this deep shade of purple is no exception. Imagine wearing this dress for springtime photos set with fresh green leaves and blooming yellow flowers.

Willow Boho Flower Girl Dress Plum
Willow Plum Lace Maxi Dress Sitting
Willow Boho Lace Maxi Dress Purple
Willow Boho Lace Flower Girl Dress Purple




Last, but certainly not least is Goldenrod, the very definition of bohemian. Wear this color with cowboy boots or a flower crown composed of wine colored roses for all the dramatic effect you could ever dream of. A beautiful autumn hue, we can’t help but envision a photo shoot, set with crisp, vibrant leaves or rustic grapevines.

Willow Boho Maxi Dress Mustard Yellow
Willow Mustard Yellow Bohemian Dress
Willow Mustard Yellow Maxi Dress Twirling
Willow Boho Flower Girl Dress Mustard Yellow




If there’s anything we’ve learned about raising girls, it’s that options are important. With a soft, comfortable halter top, dreamy lace accents, and a full cotton lining, you may want to get Willow in every color because your daughter will not easily part with her new favorite dress. Show us how you’re wearing your favorite color by tagging us on social media.

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  • Heather Scott: December 06, 2017

    These boho dresses for girls are so adorable! The little models are so perfect, too!

  • Laura: December 05, 2017

    These are perfect boho dresses for girls ! So feminine and cute !

  • Meghan: December 05, 2017

    What a lovely boho dress! Would make a beautiful flower girl dress. Looks like a fun twirly dress!

  • Emily Moore: December 05, 2017

    This is such a beautiful little dress! I love all of the colors it comes in, but I think that golden color is definitely my favorite!

  • jiyeon: December 05, 2017

    these are beautiful boho dresses! if I have a daughter next, I want to buy these for her!

  • Aida: December 05, 2017

    These dresses are amazing! I just love boho dresses for girls. And those colours are stunning!

  • Natalie Williams: December 05, 2017

    It’s so true about giving girls options. These boho dresses are all amazing options. The photography is beautiful too!

  • Kym: December 05, 2017

    I need these dresses in my life. Every single one is so beautiful

  • Hilary: December 04, 2017

    These would make beautiful flower girl dresses! I love the flowy look of them, they photograph beautifully- so perfect for a wedding.

  • Mercedes: December 04, 2017

    That skirt is so absolutely twirly and flouncy! What little girl wouldn’t want one just because? You’re right, it’s hard to pick a favorite color!

  • georgia: December 04, 2017

    Honestly, these dresses are just so darling! They didn’t have dresses so fashion forward when I was getting married!

  • Hannah: December 04, 2017

    So beautiful! I need a dress like that for myself!!!

  • Ashley: December 04, 2017

    What gorgeous dresses! The colors are so rich and vivid and the style of the dress is so versatile. The girls look like they have a ton of fun modeling them as well.

  • Claudia, A Day To Remember: December 04, 2017

    It is so hard to find such fun, feminine dresses for young ladies. My favorite is definitely the white lace, and I am normally all about pink!

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